Bloomberg News self-censors; cuts staff

Bloomberg News has come under fire for killing an investigative report that exposed financial ties between one of China’s wealthiest men and top Chinese leaders. Four Bloomberg reporters anonymously told the New York Times that editor-in-chief Matthew Winkler decided against publishing the report for the potential tension it may cause with Chinese officials. Winkler allegedly said “If we run the story, we’ll be kicked out of China.” The company has an office in Hong Kong.

The New York Times piece revealed that the two reporters on the story were Michael Forsythe and Shai Oster. On Friday, New York Post reported that Forsythe was suspended and may be fired, and today, Forsythe tweeted:

“I can confirm that I have left Bloomberg News. That’s all I’m going to say for now.”

It is speculated that Forsythe was suspended for leaking the news to the Times, but it is mysterious why Shai Oster was not also targeted. Four Bloomberg employees anonymously spoke with the Times, so Forsythe couldn’t be the lone whistleblower.

Bloomberg News angered the Chinese government last year when they reported about the wealth of top leaders, which the government considers a red line. Those articles were also reported by Forsythe and Oster. As a result of that report, China restricted new journalists from obtaining residency visas.

In other news, Bloomberg News laid off 11 employees this week, and more are expected to be let go soon. The names and positions of those employees can be found at Talking Biz News.


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