My first experience listening to NPR News undoubtedly gave me a new perspective on news radio. They stand out significantly from many others. It is long-form, uninterrupted, first-hand reporting that doesn’t rely completely on newswires or competitors to gather news.

I heard All Things Considered and Morning Edition, and was impressed by the programs’ style of reading original scripts in a steady pace, with sound bites of informed sources. It was the first time I’ve heard reporters  producing radio news on the scene. NRP had reporters in the Philippines, Washington, and Afghanistan to give fresh facts, rather than reiteration, on important news.

The independence of NPR is unmatched. It is the only news organization I can think of that has no advertisers, which makes the focus 100 percent on news. Their choice of news is superior to many other contemporary news outlets of all mediums.

NPR’s method of having a textual story in addition to the radio segments is genius. They also have really great photos. It seems a lot of the photos come from the AP or public domain, but the selection is always high quality and adds so much to understanding the story. One photo slideshow included with the story of the Philippines typhoon displayed the magnitude of that catastrophe better than any other news source I follow. NPR is going to become a  new addition to my news consumption.



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