Not-so local news

Those familiar with the media know of newswires, organizations such as the Associated Press and Reuters that supply news content for newspapers, TV broadcasters, and radio stations across the country. Newswires come in handy for companies who can’t afford travel expenses, but still want to provide news beyond their proximity.

Newspapers typically publish articles from wires with the byline crediting whatever agency it comes from. It is trickier for broadcast news, however, to provide such transparency.

Conan O’ Brien does a recurring bit on his show that compiles clips of anchors from local news stations around the country saying the exact same line. Below are five examples, more can be found on YouTube.



There is nothing wrong with using newswires, but stations could modify the script for some sake of originality. These videos demonstrate the control a handful of entities possess over the news we consume, and the laziness of certain media groups.


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